About Us


The Danville Polyclinic began its journey into healthcare in 1947, when three innovative physicians; Dr. Henry F. Hooker, Dr. Jean W. Moore, and Dr. Henry Lattuada, formed a multi-specialty medical clinic in this growing industrial town. During these years there was a passenger trolley line, and an active passenger train to nearby cities. Coal mines, brick factories, and General Motors and General Electric were all fully productive.

The three doctors; a general surgeon, a general medicine doctor including surgery, and an Obstetrician and Gynecologist decided it would be beneficial to recruit more specialists and to have support services all in one building. The clinic concept was new at the time, with only Mayo Clinic and a few other clinics throughout the United States established.

The recruitment of additional physicians enabled them to start the clinic at the northwest corner of Walnut and North Streets, in a building which had been used as the Danville Township and Chamber of Commerce offices. The older three story building and basement was used for many years, giving a homey feel to patients with the dark woods and creaky floors. The early clinic functioned well and served many patients in a busy downtown area. The building currently houses the Danville Township offices once again.


By the late 1970’s the time had come to build a larger building, with better accessibility for patients and the capability of expanding the ancillary services. Moving into the new building (currently the Vermilion County Health Department), located at 200 S. College in 1980, saw the development of the Urgent Care Center. Urgent Care, a convenient walk-in clinic is opened extended hours, including weekends. This gives patients another option when their regular physician is not available.

The Urgent Care Department was a much needed service, as it is still serving the population today for non-life threatening conditions, at over 20,000 visits per year.


When the local hospital decided to merge the services of the nearby St. Elizabeth Hospital or Sager campus as it became known under the Provena name to its Logan campus, the obstetricians and other physicians desired to be closer to the working hospital  to avoid blocked railroad crossings during times of deliveries and emergencies.

This desire to better serve their patients, resulted in a beautiful building, with its four story atrium, that houses the clinic today. The 707 N. Logan building, located within a block of the local hospital, was designed with room for all the services, yet very accessible to the handicapped, with short walking distances to reach the different departments within the clinic.

The Danville Polyclinic is committed to excellence in care, and is proud to call Danville home.