Immigration Physicals

Adnan Sadiq, M.D.

Danville Polyclinic & Dr. Adnan Sadiq are pleased to offer immigration physical services. Dr Adnan Sadiq is a licensed US Civil Surgeon who has been authorized by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services to conduct Immigration Physicals for the Department of Homeland Security.


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Important information about Immigration Physicals

Services & Fees


The cost of the complete Immigration Physical Examination is $300 (not including vaccines or labs).  The basic physical exam includes:

  •  Immigration physical exam and mental status evaluation
  • Required Blood Work
  • Tuberculosis Skin Testing -required for applicants 2 and older – additional fee of $310, or test may be done at the Health Department. Please discuss with Dr. Sadiq. If positive, a chest x-ray will be required and can be performed for an additional fee.
  • Syphilis test (RPR) – required for applicants 15 and older, or possibly younger based on the physician’s determination. *Additional Fee
  • Gonorrhea test – required for applicants 15 and older. *Additional Fee
  • Review of your written vaccination and other health records
  • Certified and Sealed I-693 form with a copy for yourself
  • Copies of your laboratory testing

Additional services that may be required (such as required vaccinations and follow-up chest x-ray for TB testing) are not included in the price of the exam, but are offered at an additional fee.


What to Bring


  • A government issued passport. For applicants under 14 years of age, birth certificates or affidavits (with translations, if necessary)
  • Immunization records (translated to English by an official translator, if necessary)
  • Medical records (translated to English by an official translator, if necessary), including proof of prior treatment for tuberculosis or other infectious disease and prior chest x-rays
  • Any mental health records (translated to English by an official translator, if necessary)
  • If needed, it is your responsibility to bring a translator
  • All fees are to be paid at the time of your exam. We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

After The Exam

Once the immigration medical examination is completed, and all immunizations and/or lab tests have been performed, we will provide you with a certified Form I-693 in a sealed envelope to present to the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services.  DO NOT OPEN THE SEALED ENVELOPE.  Turn in the envelope with your immigration application.  A copy of your blood tests results and exam will be provided for you to keep after results have been discussed with     Dr. A. Sadiq.  The examination will only be valid up to a year after the immigration exam date.


Visit the Official US Citizen & Immigration Services website for more information at: